10 Reasons the Church Shooting in Texas Was a False Flag – Are You Keeping Track?

Here we go again. Another false flag shooting on American Soil?! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!! Haven’t we had enough already? They killed more innocent people, but did so in a satanic blood ritual to fulfill rites performed during the full moon AND fulfilling the illuminati agenda at the same time – while not raising any concern among us American people, as a whole? Oh, just another lone wolf guys, just another lone wolf. YEAH RIGHT! This competition to be better than the previous record holder, and get to the “worst ever” in body count and injuries, is going nowhere good. The majority of us aren’t even catching on to this travesty at work!

A man who seems to have a long history of mental illness, strong atheist beliefs and a rage against his mother-in-law has been used as subterfuge to cover a strategic and choreographed plan to suit an agenda well beyond the ken of the average citizen. Here we have 10 reasons why that agenda shows through clearly, as long as you are looking at this scenario with the right set of glasses.

The truth is, this situation stinks as more than a random attack orchestrated based on anger and mental illness on the part of the actor. An innocent family with the right criteria to make this believable have been set up as pawns, and a group of people that will tug at the most heartstrings have been sacrificed for this agenda.

10 – Forewarnings Appeared on Social Media and News Reports Arrived – Before the Shots Were Fired

You were right. Something big did come.


Warnings of upcoming news from Texas and leaked releases from prior to the reported time on November 5 show that this event was predicted and forewarned, if not completely reported before it allegedly happened.

When a post to social media says, “Watch for upcoming big news in Texas,” there is definitely reason to be concerned about false flags. Ask questions where they need to be asked.

Known conspiracy theorists have been receiving various news media reports and even documented social media posts that warned of “upcoming big news in Texas” that were published on Nov. 4.


9 – Everyone Is Jumping on that “We Need Gun Control” bandwagon


Politicians almost everywhere have been demanding stronger gun control laws and maintaining that these events are only strengthening their platform, while they seem limited in both sympathy for victims and their families and in humanity. Who prioritizes the push for legal changes over the natural concern for these people who had lives cut short and the ones that were left behind?

Either politicians are cold-hearted psychopaths themselves, which can be argued with a variety of salient facts, or they simply are prepared for these tragic events and have been practicing their rhetoric for so long in preparation that they forget to be sympathetic first and attempt to seem proactive later.

Some politicians, although notably distant from the epicenter of the attacks, have jumped hard on the “we need gun control” bandwagon in the margin of time most would consider too soon to push that agenda.

Authoritarian government and global domination by one faction may be closer than we can imagine. The efforts are real, and the design of certain events and scenarios to push the world in that direction are happening live. The right lens can be shown on these events, and you’ll be on the right page in this manifesto in no time. And no… you won’t be able to defend yourself when this police state finally takes over.

8 – No motive

This particular shooter had no apparent motive for days after the shooting, which is not uncommon. However, it came to light as a possible motive that he was targeting his mother-in-law who attended that church, and then it was announced he had posted to Facebook in a continuous negative manner. This seems like a weak string of excuses instead of a strong motive for an attack on a church on Sunday – in Texas, where you know you’ll run into someone else with a gun at some point. In the end, he didn’t even get his mother-in-law. Don’t you think he would put in that effort to make sure she was going to be there? Especially if you’re going to go out with a bang.

I don’t buy it. If that was really his motive, he would have turned back and gone home when he saw she wasn’t there. Instead he went and shot everyone? Not buying it.

Meanwhile, motive is being traced through classmate comments about his “militant atheist” rants on Facebook and his contention that religious people were stupid. Kelley also posted a picture of his weapon, later used in the mass shooting. This also allegedly points to motive, as he considered the weapon a “bad b****.” It’s been awhile since high school, so there’s no reason to believe that his high school classmates know what’s up with this situation. Yet, they’re the experts? I smell setup.



7 – Trend of mass shooting record breaking

Though not breaking the overall record, it is the deadliest in Texas, and in a church.


Shock and awe! It used to be shocking to hear that a mass shooting or tragic event involving mass casualties had occurred. Now we’re in awe at the records they’re breaking.

In today’s world of technology, and increasing apathy toward one’s fellow man, that shock is largely lost. Therefore, each mass shooting has conveniently managed to “build” on the last one. That means bigger bang for the buck, literally and figuratively.

In Orlando in the Pulse nightclub on June 12, 2016, 49 people were killed and 58 wounded during an attack on gays and Latinos. This event was labeled “the deadliest terrorist attack on LGBT people in the United States and the deadliest terrorist attack in the US since September 11.” Oh yeah, that attack also has the dubious distinction of the deadliest terrorist attack in which the perpetrator did not opt to commit suicide once it was over.

In Las Vegas on Oct. 1, 2017, an alleged lone gunman opened fire on the crowd watching the final act of the Route 91 Harvest Festival, killing 50 people and injuring 400 more. This act was perpetrated by Stephen Paddock, 64, of Mesquite, Nev., former NASA employee, with the motive still largely unknown. This tragic event was fueled by Paddock’s propensity for hitting the casinos and his loss of a lot of money in the months leading up to the event. However, that does not explain various inconsistencies in the time line and length of preparation Paddock had to commit himself to in order to unleash the hail of gunfire that happened to country music lovers watching Jason Aldean perform. This bettered the Orlando shooting in number of both death and injury.

In regard to the Sutherland Springs shooting, the total number of dead and injured was not larger. However, the location for this event plays a big part in that, and the fact that the shooting occurred in Texas has its own weight for this situation and its impact on the country’s perception of needed gun control changes. That doesn’t take away from the fact that it was the largest church shooting in US history, the 5th largest shooting, and the largest in Texas.


6 – No Idea who the shooter was, until HOURS after he was long dead

People were guessing for hours
and hours


It almost seems as if they were trying to create the right narrative and make sure it was backed up, which took an inordinately long time with this particular mass shooting. It was significantly longer when  compared to the Las Vegas shooting or even past shootings in other areas of the country.

Finding out the name and background of this shooter took a lot longer than it should have, with today’s access to social media and technology that improves search time regarding connections and motives.

5 – Inching closer to a police state and New World Order

During his years in office, President Obama was working on an agenda to remove the country’s independence and have total control over everyone within. This included efforts to remove firearms and convince the nation of this necessity, thereby taking away one of the basic rights given by our forefathers with the writing of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Despite the progression from Obama’s administration, there are still concerted efforts to keep his progression alive. In this respect, using events like mass shootings pushes the agenda forward in a big way.

The effort to further a global agenda and satisfy the elite that remain behind the scenes can definitely be seen in a setup such as this. The choice to hit a church on Sunday, in a state predominantly supportive of the 2nd Amendment and that believes owning firearms is a God-given right as well, makes a strong statement. That statement goes well beyond the frustration and even rage at a mother-in-law, no matter how mentally ill you might be.


4 – Pristine church, free of bullet holes

Visitors to the church on Monday took footage that shows the church, and media photographs of the church following the shooting clearly show a church that has not been damaged by bullets. Yet, according to the timeline for this incident,

“The man, carrying a Ruger AR assault rifle, crossed the street and opened fire outside the church. He then entered the church and continued shooting, (Texas Department of Public Safety Regional Director Freeman) Martin said.”

Anyone who is shooting at people heading to a specific structure is sure to spray bullets toward that structure, is he not? The reports confirm that he managed to kill two people outside the church, and the bullets would have been flying in an attempt to kill more. Yet the church in this incident did not seem damaged or show any signs that bullet holes had occurred and been fixed.

Now, one argument in this individual’s favor is that he was in the military. However, his service in the Air Force, not in special forces or elite service branches, does not lend itself to precision shooting or the ability to strategize his shots during a murderous rampage to the extent that he does not waste bullets on the structure which happens to be the primary geographical location for his rage.

3 – Facial appearances point to yet another mind control victim

Check list time again:
– We have a cold, creepy look.
– Dead eyes.
– No real motive.


Is it not obvious that certain features of the eyes and facial relaxation tend to be common among these mass shooting perpetrators? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go here. When photos of these shooters (ahem… mind control victims) start to plaster the Internet, they look as though they either aren’t aware (due to drugs or other medical intervention) or they cannot bring up the energy to focus. Meanwhile, these men are plotting and scheming to kill large numbers of their countrymen and innocent strangers they have never met? If this is really believable, we have more issues as average citizens drinking the Kool-Aid than these men do as patsies that have lost their lives to fulfill an agenda.

2 – Hallmarks of an occult blood ritual

The date of the shooting was of significance. The full moon was on the night of Nov. 4, 2017. Much of the occult rituals performed by the elite follow pagan and ancient celestial cycles. From equinoxes, to full moons, to planetary alignment, they have their own system and symbolism.

This shooting is an act to fulfill a satanic ritual. A blood ritual – it requires the spilling of blood, human or otherwise, to complete the ritual and ensure it’s success. Therefore, it is unknown what type of satanic ritual may have been completed with this spill of life’s blood onto Texas soil, but if it is a part of one it is safe to say the process was completed sufficiently.

Let’s not forget that Nov. 5, 2017 is Guy Fawkes Day, the British celebrated anniversary of Guy Fawkes and his fellow co-conspirators who were against  Protestant rule. The group came dangerously close to blowing up the House of Lords and Killing King James I, thereby changing the rule of Britain to a Catholic hand. This anniversary has long been celebrated with bonfires and fireworks, with this the most modern focus and the anti-Catholic sentiment largely lost through the years. However, the base of the celebration still has tenuous holds to the hope of overthrowing the government and changing the party or representation in power. This is a strong sign for the event’s standing as a step on the path to New World Order.

1 – Texas is Known for Second Amendment Support and Gun Friendly Lifestyles, so the best approach is to…

Hit Them where it Hurts – In Church, In Texas

Just a regular Texan diner, with a regular Texan and his guns


This should be the biggest red flag out there. Rather than a random escalation of an individual with a twisted mind, this event was thought out and orchestrated to serve a purpose and fulfill a step in an agenda. The Texas mentality is love of God and Country, support of the Second Amendment and the regular incorporation of firearms into daily life, including open carry and family understanding of firearms within the home. Therefore, there will always be the holdouts in any effort to change gun control laws or an effort to remove firearms from the possession of regular citizens.

In order to change perception of the staunchest supporters of a certain view, it is important to make the issue personal. Therefore, it is a logical approach to bring the mass shootings to Texas, in a concerted effort to change the opinions of those who will be strongest force against gun control efforts.

And it’s working!

The truth hides behind a wall of lies, so the story for this tragic situation will go down in history as a twisted man with a horrible agenda. It is completed with a narrative that he was taken out by two Texas heroes that prevented further death and mayhem, despite various conflicting conclusions to the story of what shot was fatal and how his escape effort went. For the longest time we thought he shot himself. In the end, Devin Kelley is supposedly dead, and we’re all panicking and jumping on the main stream media narrative.


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