Knowledge is power, and right now we are deprived of knowledge. It is therefore clear to us why we are unable to attain power. The concept of an elite is simply a category of people – whether united or divided, of one ideology or of varying ideologies, and even of potentially conflicting ideology – who are at the upper echelons of power. By definition, the elite have a very significant contribution to your life, as they have the responsibility to control the decision making of major institutions. Nearly all these institutions have an influence over daily life, and usually far beyond that.

At Elite Agenda we attempt to do what a plethora of similar websites on the world wide web do… we want to interpret the elite agenda. As the casual viewer may have discovered by now, there is no shortage of websites making this claim. Unfortunately in our journey to find good information, we stumble upon a lot of contradictory dis-information. Therefore, the driving force at elite agenda is a network of experienced, educated (through reading information for themselves, not from the Elite controlled “education” institutions), and highly intelligent contributors dedicating their time and effort to research and reveal, what appears to be an inevitability at this point, the near completion of the Elite Agenda.

It is difficult for us to articulate our exact belief, and we encourage readers to be skeptical. Our contributors have various religious backgrounds, including, but not limited to, the 2 largest religions Christianity, and Islam. It is unfortunate that in our brain washed societies today, both consider each other enemies, while they slave away under the watch of their overlord governments. We understand that many visitors will ascribe to either religion, or neither religion. Visitors will vary in religiosity, from the very religious, to atheists and agnostics. We hope this does not deter the visitor, as we have one common goal: the attempt to interpret everything objectively! If it does seem skewed with heavy religious undertones, that is simply because this is how we have interpreted the elite’s beliefs/symbols/messages/etc, and in our years of research, we know for certain that they do have an unusual belief system. We do not claim to agree or disagree with the efficacy of their beliefs, we just provide the platform needed to interpret the symbolism behind all facets of our lives that we simply take for granted.

We are interested in providing quality information, not opinions. Each author brings a treasure trove of knowledge, and provides this information freely as a service to the world; to help educate us and better understand those commanding the path of our future. We are here to open your eyes to the Elite Agenda!


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