On the Doorstep of World War: 10 Reasons San Bernardino Was Clearly A False Flag Attack

Aftermath of San Bernardino: Here we sit, languishing in misery after another attack on our own soil. Doing what we always do after such a catastrophic event. Sitting around pointing fingers at the wrong people and not looking closely at details which all clearly spell out one thing for us blind and numb pedestrians: this was clearly another false flag attack in America to scare us into a police state, and potentially something far more serious (perhaps an extermination of the lower class and a world war). While some people scoff at the term false flag, that is because they have blinders over their eyes. They believe what they are fed by the mass media machine because they are too weak and feeble to be able to see the truth and actually handle it.



The truth has always scared us so we make excuses to avoid looking directly at it. In this case, the truth hurts, but not nearly as much as what the elite have planned for us next.

10) Look At What Most Are Saying



There are people who were at the shooting who say there was no shooting. Literally. Much like people claim about Sandy Hook, to people present and witnesses there seems to be one thing really lacking here: a shooter or two and violence. Yes, people claim it happened, but odd how in this modern age there is no useful camera footage exists when every corner of everywhere in this country is filmed.

And on top of it, we have another case of the shooter’s family saying the person was normal and would never commit such an act. Some people say they all say that, but guess what. No they don’t. Sick people show signs beforehand. We could also be looking at an MK Ultra mind control set up again. Set up a foreigner, have them kill a bunch of people, then we say guns and foreigners are bad. Easy breezy, and again, it worked.

9) Scare Us Into Submission



We all know Obama (and the gov. as a whole) have been slowly implementing a police state and attempted gun seizure for years now. The Luciferian elite who run this world (yet we know so little about, yet we know they are closely tied to all the most powerful figureheads in all the world) had, perhaps in scaring us into submission, used this as their very way of telling us what will happen to us if we don’t get back in line with all the other cattle. Have you stopped to wonder what if all the concentration camps popping up all over America are for its OWN RESIDENTS? So what would be a great way to ensure that fear stays constant is citizens? Plant another false flag attack at a place where the victims will REALLY cause America to react.

Then, you have all these outraged morons doing exactly what you want. What do they want? Right now it looks like it’s establishing a police state on our great soil or global domination. From grade schools now to mental hospitals, this really is aiming for the hearts of america. What next, shoot up a orphanage?

Wouldn’t put it past them.

8) Same Building Used For Practice Attacks



Now how fucking weird is it that the building where the shooting went down was the same building used for practice drills for such an event. Do you remember the last place that happened. Well, all the major American shootings, to be honest, but also 9/11. They like to make it so they blur the lines between reality and fantasy, so that when it actually happens, the people involved will have no idea if they are witnessing something real or a drill.

So even if it looks and seems like a drill, which everyone who witnessed this said, you can tell them AFTER the fact that it WASN’T a drill and they will just nod like the mindless zombies they are. Funny how they reacted so fast because the police were doing a “drill” another few miles away.

That’s pure bullshit you are stepping in there, people.

7) No Incentive for Attack



Why there? Why a hospital. As mentioned above, how else do you kick a whole country in the dick and get them mad? You attack grade schools and churches and hospitals, where all the people are pure and innocent and deserve none of it. You go for the place that will elicit the most outrage from the sheep, I mean people, and then you act accordingly. Revenge.

Our own government makes bad guys from movies look like cartoon characters. Sad that Kennedy was the last President who spoke in opposition to this, and we all know what happened to him (and his lineage).

6) Potential Gun Seizure of American People’s Weapons by Government



This is one area where it could all be leading. This and a full police state. To think otherwise is to still have what we call “dumbass American blinders” on. There will be a moment when the militarized police come to each and every one of our homes and will forcibly take our guns away under the false ideal that the weapons themselves are unsafe.

But make NO mistakes. This is why they are doing this: they want to lock you in and they want to take any means of self control away from you that they can. Sad part is, it’s working perfectly for them.

5) Nurses Had “No Idea Why Police Men Were Storming The Building.”

This says it all. Have you heard the name Dorothy Vong? She is a nurse who was there that day. You can hear the nurses talking over the fact that they think it is a drill while it was happening. Nurses who heard no shots fired and saw none of mayhem.

Expect this video to vanish shortly much like the firefighter interviews post 9/11 where they openly admit all the explosions they heard in the twin towers were clearly planted to detonate floor by floor.

4) Military Gear, Special Ops, Military Grade Vehicles All Used



So militarized police vehicles showed up. Men in full swat gear entered the building. Three men carried the man out very specifically and carefully. They loaded him into one of their militarized police vehicles, and then they drove away. The end. No shoot out. No shooter taking his or her own life, and the nurses were just looking around WHILE THIS IS HAPPENING and just laughing because they think it’s just another drill. It is also another example of the ‘culprits’ being dead after the fact so they cannot defend themselves or even justify why they would do something like this. How convenient for the elite.

The cops say they were so ready because they were doing a drill nearby. Jesus you fuckers, can you at least come up with something new? You’ve used that one four times already this year.

3) Nurses Heard NO Gunfire



This is the one that should get you. The nurses, and I quote from this article, heard NO gunfire. But there are a bunch of dead bodies, right? And both of the two shooters are dead, right? But the women who were working there and in close proximity heard no actual gun shots. None.

No, nothing weird about that at all.

Just like nothing was weird about all the other similar false flag attacks that have been perpetrated by our government against their own people for the last 50 years. I would tell you all to wake the fuck up, but it’s too late now. We’re next.

2) False Flag Girl

fuck her

Oh how I would love to wrap my hands around this girl’s neck and just squeeze until her eyes pop out. Maybe she is programmed and has no idea. Maybe she just works as one of these people for the government. Maybe I should feel bad for her because she is being played in all this too, MK Ultra style.

Or maybe she is some evil bitch who took this job because she likes to see people suffer and she feeds off adding to that. Or maybe at this point, she is just laughing at us all because she keeps showing up and only people like ME seem to notice this planted actress at EVERY FALSE FLAG SHOOTING AND ATTACK. I’m telling you guys, YOU’RE FUCKED! I’ve been seeing this for a long time now. But you all think you know better.

And don’t try to say a lot of white girls look like that. That is some racist shit. Seriously.


UNO) Justification of War



At the end of the day, what do you think all these attacks are setting us up for? They could be setting us up to swoop in and take our guns and rights away. They could be swooping in and intending to make this a police state where we are treated like the Jewish were treated during World War 2.


they could just be desensitizing us to mass violence on a global scale, which we are on the verge of anyway. The reality we all need to grasp at this point is, America will be going to war. We are on the doorstep of another potential world war, but these cogs were set in motion long ago. And though some may envision the poor and weak rising up, the elite already have their axe drawn, ready to stop it before we even make a move. They are numbing us to the final act. The same way seeing your first dog get hit by a car makes your second dog dying less depressing. They are numbing us and scaring us and when the time is right, we WILL see and be a part of their final leg, which will be full global domination by ELITE. Game over, guys. Game over.

So might be smart to build a bunker now to store your weapons and family, because they will be coming for them soon.


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