The United Nations – NWO? One World Government? or simply a puppet of the Illuminati?

The United Nations – A puppet of the Illuminati

The United Nations – the name says it all. If ever there were any signs that the New World Order and One World Government are upon us, then the United Nations is it. The name is appealing to the pacified masses (yes, you! WAKE UP!), and yet it still doesn’t hide it’s true face. No deceit in the description, and as we shall see, it is laden with symbolism and occult meaning which the Elite/illuminati have a habit of displaying, like a trophy to its’ victims. Most of us tend to ignore the obvious, and try to identify or decipher complex symbols, in the hope of unraveling the mystery of the Illuminati. But the Illuminati are the “Illuminated” or “Enlightened Ones” for a reason. Establishing a formal, mainstream organization that brings together all the countries of the world would easily pass the suspicion test.

UN United-Nations Illuminati

Indeed skeptics of the ‘conspiracy movement’ often cite the public, transparent and universally agreed upon nature of the UN’s activities as proof of that mention of a New World Order is simply the imagination of deluded oddballs. And yet that is precisely the point – hiding everything in plain sight until the right time. By doing that, the Illuminati (whose role in influencing the UN will be looked at shortly) successfully strike three birds with a single stone.


  • For starters, it successfully marginalizes ‘conspiracy’ opinions. On the surface, the UN seems like an organization founded on inclusivity and with a passion to foster cohesiveness and world peace. Criticizing such intentions would ordinarily appear awkward. The scenario would be completely different if the UN operated behind the shadows as this would draw suspicion.


  • The second benefit the Illuminati derives from the UN is that it starts to accustom the minds of earth’s citizenry to the idea of a centralized global ruler-ship. Even better, the UN Security Council (UNSC) with the 5 permanent members goes a step further in this regard by showing that it is okay for humanity to entrust key decisions to a core group of 5 nations who were never elected to that position by universal suffrage. Put plainly, the formation of the UNSC was the result of little more than a group of people sitting in a room and making a decision for the entire world. The choice of the 5 nations effectively concentrated global power in the hands of a few countries.


  • The third was a systematic dismantling of national patriotism and country pride. Not everyone bought into the UN from the get go. There was vehement opposition from perceptive opinion leaders who saw it for what it was – the birth pangs of an elite-controlled one world state. The Illuminati was however well prepared for this and countered it with persuasive propaganda and politically correct rebuttals. Matters were helped by the fact that the Illuminati were already in firm control of the mainstream press at the time.

UN NWO One World Government

It is so easy to take for granted the persuasive influence of the press and its power of (mis)information. But you only have to observe the changing sensibilities and opinions of successive generations. Perhaps the best recent example is the emergence of laws approving same-sex relationships and marijuana use in a growing number of states in the US. Just watching how opinion in those same states has gradually shifted over the years is amazing.

As a new crop of voters and legislators enter the scene who have grown under a liberal media where topics previously frowned upon have transitioned into acceptable conversation, the new generation’s opinion has shifted dramatically. It is the fruit of the daily inundation with news and views that push a specific opinion. Add to that the phenomenon of 24 hour news and the worldwide web, and you have information overload. Obviously this kind of mass ‘drilling’ does not produce results overnight. But the Illuminati have never been known for shortsighted plays – their moves are long term while taking slow but determined steps toward their goal.

How were the Illuminati involved in the establishment of the UN?

As a global organization, the Illuminati strategically placed different people in different jurisdictions. In the United States, Shirley Black, President FDR and his wife Eleanor led the charge. As a well respected leader, it was difficult for opposing opinions to win the battle against FDR for the hearts and minds of ordinary Americans. If FDR said it was good for America, who else could purport to have better judgment?

FDR was one in a string of American presidents who were members of the Illuminati. Even those who were not members had little option than to toe the line of this powerful secret organization that not only counted on the mind-numbing wealth of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, but that had representation in the highest levels of the country’s military, judiciary and business elite. The rare US president who dared believe they could use their personal popularity with the American masses to other throw the Illuminati’s influence faced dire consequences including paying the ultimate price John F. Kennedy.

Signs of the Illuminati at the UN

Back to the United Nations, the Illuminati have a subtle arrogance that will often drive them to leave their footprints in plain sight. In secretive supranational organizations of which the Illuminati is the ultimate, symbolism is a powerful means of helping members all over the world distinguish friendly organizations and persons from hostile ones. Given the vast spread of the Illuminati and the fact that the majority of its members (particularly the foot soldiers) pass on without ever having met the senior most members face to face, symbols are the easiest means of unspoken communication to keep the risk of ‘friendly fire’ at a minimum.

As such it is not surprising that as the key drivers of the United Nations, the Illuminati had to leave their footprint on the single most pre-eminent representation of the UN – its logo.

UN Logo Illuminati Symbolism

If you look at the logo, you can see there are 4 concentric circles. There are also cross hairs that divide it into 8 parts. Each of the 8 parts has 3 sections. So in total you have 24 sections. Right? Wrong! Take a closer look – there is a 5th circle close to the centre whose visibility is obscured by the North America and Eurasian contents. The only sign of the 5th circle’s existence is the arc on either side between the North American and Eurasian continents. The 5th circle is crucial as it changes the entire dynamic of the logo’s symbolism. If you factor it, you can now see that each of the 8 parts will now mean the logo has 32 distinct sections.

But we are not done yet!

Take a keener look at the cross hairs and then at the centre of the 5th circle – notice something peculiar? The centre of the 5th circle is clear meaning each of the lines terminates on the edge of the 5th circle and do not complete the entire journey to the centre of the logo where they would meet. The empty centre makes the 33rd section. The number 33 is extremely significant in the Kabbalah. Yet another mundane institution polluted with pagan beliefs.

The logo is not the only place the number 33 appears at the United Nations. For instance, the Meditation Room at the UN’s headquarters in New York is fronted by a 33 foot long entrance.

The UN Headquarters in New York

Guess who financed the construction of the UN Headquarters? Illuminati heavyweight John D. Rockefeller. With that one fact, it would probably be unnecessary to delve any further in an effort to establish the depth of the group’s involvement in the UN’s formation. But let’s go one step further and look at just one room at the UN HQ – Meditation Room. Actually, the Meditation Room is probably the most irrefutable proof of the secretive society’s hand in the UN’s affairs. When it comes to detail, let’s just say the Illuminati do not hesitate to go the extra mile.

Occult Symbols Meditation Room UN

 Referred to by some as ‘Satan’s Temple’, the Meditation Room is packed full of signs which to the undiscerning eye would pass for innocent expressions of art representing different parts of the world. But this tiny, windowless room looks like a pyramid lying on its side and at its centre lies a massive black slab. The slab is made from the single largest magnetite stone ever mined and has substantial magnetic power. Magnetic power has long been known by mystic religions to be a powerful enabler of meditation and a drawer of occult energy. Use of this occult energy in an institution advocating the NOW is what frightens us. On the wall is the mural with several hidden symbols treasured by the Illuminati and the Elite. Look closely and you see serpent, crescent moon, rising phoenix as well as geometric shapes such as triangles and squares. This is another institution that uses occult symbolism to rule and control our future, and this one does it at a GLOBAL scale. Why stop at shitty music videos, when you can have a One World Government? Stay tuned for more on the Elite Agenda! Rise up against the NWO!!


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