8 Ways to Properly Prepare Yourself For Elite Takeover in 2016


You sit in your home watching your government mandated, puppet master approved, total propaganda, on your boob tube. Outside, police march the street with guns enforcing the nine o’ clock curfew they put into place. They cut the power at ten so everyone is forced to go to bed, that way they can get up early to get to their appointed work stations. Anyone who steps outside of these rules gets shot in the street, and no one does anything because it’s too late. No one can anymore. You may read this and laugh thinking it is far away from reality, but at this point, this is where life is going (and much sooner than you thought). The elite have already taken over, and what they put into place over the next five years will determine the quality of all our lives (and that quality is said to drop drastically from the life you have right now). So what can be done to brace yourself for the Elite’s takeover? What can you do to be better prepared before the proverbial shit hits the proverbial fan? These 8 things will put you at a huge advantage over those who go at this unprepared. You may not be able to stop this poison from spreading, but you CAN keep it from fully engulfing you and your family. Here’s how.


You think it’s safe being on the grid? You little rat, you’ve got a homing device.  Yall need to realize being on the grid is half the problem. From your phones to your social media accounts (where we are all being monitored and controlled), you are a walking beacon who makes your every move and whim apparent by declaring them publicly and doing them on phones and computers. YOU are the one pointing out where you are, placing a f*cking target on your own back. Make it easier for them, why don’t you?

The funny part is, the wisest of us already know the war is lost. We already know the elite agnenda has been put into place, and we allowed it. Hell, we perpetuated that shit! We spent years warning you all, and no one listened. You know who is listening now? The f*cking NSA. We KNOW the NSA is monitoring everything we say and type, yet we do it anyway. Thing is, if you dip off the grid, you become a virtual ghost. Pay all your bills with cash at bill pay locations. Remove your social media accounts (as tough as it may be). Don’t mess with phones, but if you do, get a “burner”, which is ultimately a pre-paid, untraceable phone.

Honestly though, nothing compares to the security of getting off the grid. I mean, the people who are off the grid are just not going to be found, scooped up, and forced into internment camps. Just look back at history. They can’t cuff you if they can’t find you. They’ll just cuff the chump who thought he was too smart for this. Check this out if you’re serious about protecting yourself.

Learn Your Basic Survival Techniques

yup elite

Listen, when it all comes tumbling down and no one knows what to do, having some background knowledge on basic survivalist stuff will be NECESSARY to survive. Not helpful, not useful, but Goddamned necessary. This is the end, and you approach it passively, you are basically laying down to be f*cked.  From how to fashion a crude home in the forest from downed trees to how to hunt and forage, to simple things like being able to tell what berries out in nature are edible and which ones will kill you. You should be working on this already. Not only is it needed, it will be fucking precious (like water in a desert) when the armed men who YOU thought were your local police come flooding into your home with guns drawn telling your family to get on the floor, execution style.

Also, an imperative skill here will be farming. Killing and growing your own food will be the only way to survive off the grid and stay out of the hands and eyes of the elite. These are basic survival secrets we all need to know, but nobody is taking this seriously.

Now would be a damn good time to school yourselves on this before it is too late (which it already kind of is).

Prepare for Solitary

Time alone can be very damning to souls who never have it. In such situations, one is basically stuck in one place and forced to live life inside their own skull, trapped with their thoughts. We know prison camps are cropping up all over the country. We may not know what these are for, but don’t we really? We just don’t want to admit it. Those are for us. And it would be foolhardy to think we will be with family and friends. Realistically, there will be people forced into isolation. Are you ready for that? Well, you may need to be.

So how do you prepare for isolation? It sucks, but you isolate yourself. First, you take baby steps. Delete your Facebook, stop answering calls. Force yourself to be alone with just yourself for a week at a time. It’s rough, but you do adjust and learn to live with your own company and not go insane. It is essentially hardening yourself for what’s to come. It sucks, but it may keep you sane and save your life when this world turns sour.

Prepped for Mind Control

mk ultra


We all know with MK Ultra the government and the elite have NO problem attempting mass drugging and mind control experiments. So why would we think they would not implement such similar tactics when it came to a mass takeover? The reality is, through programming, conditioning, and drugging, we can be turned into docile little zombies or in some cases, even assassins. So how does one fight against mind control?

It’s easy, actually. You control your OWN mind. The only people who are susceptible to programming and mind control (or hypnosis) are those who let themselves be willingly put there or taken there. You know how some people just “can’t” be hypnotized. Yes, I am one of those, and I trained myself to be able to do that. NO ONE is ever putting me under anywhere and manipulating me. From shitty stage comics to the whole of the elite. And yes, all it takes is essentially programming your own mind to not be receptive to such silly things. It is another way of saying never let your guard down. People who let their guards down are the ones who get it worse.

When it comes to drugging it can be harder to avoid, though. Just don’t take anything orally that the government says you have to at some point in next few years. It will probably be brown LSD, and it will be one of the final steps needed in taking you over.

 What If You Can’t Leave?

What we need to realize at this point in the list is, things may get REALLY bad. If bridges are blocked and places quarantined and military rolling through aiming guns at people trying to escape, what do you do if you can’t leave your city or town? How do you survive an awful situation when you are unable to go anywhere or hide? This guide will help you figure out how to survive in place, and it really can make all the difference.

As much as it seems ideal to run and live in the woods off the grid, hunting and surviving away from the impending elite takeover, we also have to weigh that might not be possible. Remember those evacuation route signs that are posted up in major cities? Have you ever followed them to see where they go? Oddly enough, the “escape route” signs on Cape Cod all seem to lead to an air force base that was converted to a FEMA camp. Odd, huh?

No, not odd at all. They are showing you they are laying out the ground work in front of us, and no one is doing or saying anything about it. May as well just bend over and give them one of your holes, too, at that point.

Prep Yourself To Be Waterboarded and Force Fed

Yup, you read that right. These are the standards and practices at Guantanamo Bay, and why would we assume us American citizens will be treated any differently? Do you want to see what a forced feeding is like for someone who has never experienced it? Here, check out rapper Mos Def when he decided to undergo it to get a better understanding of how prisoners were treated.

Pleasant, huh? The thing is, imagine that if you got it for the first time at the hands of strangers in some cold, barren, concrete room? Talk about overwhelming and awful. Well, just like a boxer can become numb to pain over the years, you, too, can prepare yourself for some of this stuff by enduring it (albeit in much smaller and safer doses now).

I, myself, had a friend waterboard me recently. I wanted to see what it felt like, and as a journalist, I wanted to know what I was talking about when I spoke of it. It may seem insane, but it was a safe and controlled environment with people I trusted. I can confidently tell you, even two seconds of that and you genuinely feel like you are drowning. First time I did it it really f*cked me up. Like, left me in tears and shaken the f*cked up. Then, a day later, I had him do it again. It was awful, but the kicker was, I sorta knew what to expect. For that reason alone, the second time was far less damaging on me mentally than the first time was.

You may think it is insane to expose ones self to torture by choice, but by the time it comes, I will ready for it. It is no different than developing a callous on one’s overworked hands. I am simply callousing my own soul for protection, and you should, too.



I am not going to go so far out on a limb to say you should arm yourself. What I am NOT trying to do here is start a civil war (though if one is needed, maybe). In the same breath, it would be foolish and ignorant of us to not tell you to be prepared for worst case scenarios. When the shit does hit the fan, you may have all the purified water and canned rations and basic knowledge you need, but if things devolve into anarchy, how will you protect yourself or your family? It sucks to have to imagine it, but it would be foolish to pretend we didn’t have to.

Understand, we are NOT telling you to stockpile weapons. That it a very bad idea. That in itself could raise a red flag and make you the target. No, we are simply telling you having a rifle or two locked away in case of violent threats against you and the ones you love might not be a bad idea.

The truth is, we have no idea what will unfold when the elite show their full hand very soon. The best way to approach it is to be prepared on every level. That means even firearms, if need be. Remember, that is a constitutional right.

Make Your Peace

No, really. As much as all the above things are great tools (use those resources people!) and will help you with being more prepared as the elite takes over, you will still very much be a powerless person. What happens and how it all unfolds is completely up to them. While we think using as many resources as possible is the best way to prepare yourself, the Elite could have worked around all the ideas posted on this list already. We already know they’ve been preparing. As great of a survival tool hunting and knowing how to live off the grid is, there is a minor possibility that it may not even be an option.

The elite have made it this far by ALWAYS being one step ahead of us ‘normal’ folks. So who’s to assume this is any different? Perhaps all the preparation in the world wont amount to a hill of beans. What might matter most of all before the final hand on the doomsday clock reaches midnight is making peace within the self and making peace with those you love. It may sound silly and idealistic, but seeing your family pulled away or dragged outside and shot is something your soul will never get over. Taking some time in the next few months to clear up any brawls you may have had, to amend broken relationships, to tell some people you love them before you lose the chance will be essential. It may sound a little hippie-dippy, but look at holocaust videos and you hear stories about how they never saw their families again and never got to say sorry or that they truly loved them (and that ended up haunting many of them until death).

We are here to tell you that step is easily avoidable and you can start working on it right now. Call your folks and tell them you love them. The sad thing is, you never know when it will be your last chance at the hands of the elite.

end elite

The end is near. What will you do about it?


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