Mesothelioma: The 9/11 Connections to the Asbestos Attack

What would you do if you found out tomorrow that you were very ill, and that the disease you contracted that was ultimately killing you could have been avoided, and certain key people knew that, but did nothing? What if you found out your illness was the result of cutting corners by people more important than you, yet there was no specific person you could hold accountable? And on top of that, what if the only reason you weren’t warned about it was because there was a massive cover up involving (per usual in America) money? And even worse, what if you found that out, yet could do nothing about it? And the real clincher here is that, what if, in the worst case scenario, you found out the cancer you were suffering from was the result of the volunteer work you did in New York on September 11th and for weeks afterwards? Well, if you know anything about Mesothelioma, then you know that is EXACTLY what has unfolded as the result of rampant asbestos use, as well as a massive cash cover up in our country that is still very much going on today. Tons of fire fighters and emergency workers are dying of Mesothelioma right now, and all the world can talk about seems to be Miley Cyrus twerking?

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but it seems your government willingly gave you cancer."
“I’m sorry, ma’am, but it seems your government willingly gave you cancer.”

Wake up, Sheeple! This is your life, your family, your world. Stop allowing mass media to divert your eye with the idiotic sexual distractions of programmed pop stars. Let’s focus on the REAL ISSUES here. And right now, even outside of Syria, a pressing issue is the conspiracy and cover up of mesothelioma. And you guys know about Monsanto and chemtrails, so you KNOW this is not the first time the faceless men in power have gone to extreme lengths to kill us, and unless we inform ourselves and the masses, it is safe to say it won’t be the last.

For those unaware, asbestos is a heat-resistant, fibrous material that can be used for a great many purposes, but was most commonly used in much of the insulation in many American buildings in the early 20th century because of its naturally flame-retardant qualities. Though people learned rather quickly that breathing the stuff in could kill you, they did nothing about it. The kicker is, even once this news had gone wide spread of the dangers of asbestos, most of the major companies using it failed to stop using it, because of how cheap it was and its ease of use.

Much like many similar conspiracies, this is only considered a “conspiracy” because the higher-ups know attaching the “c” word to it will take any of the credibility out of the anyone who talks about it. But all you have to do it spend five minutes researching court cases, law suits, and documents to know, this is not so much a conspiracy as a man-made epidemic, and more people need to be aware of it, lest the same terrible fate befall them and future generations who may not know that, in any building built before the “banning” of it, there is realistically asbestos. And what do you think happens when they tear those buildings down or a natural disaster strikes. Yes, asbestos, which causes mesothelioma, fills the air. People breathe it in without knowing, and the cycle continues.

Being dishonest and shady is big industry in this country, as most of our readers know.
Being dishonest and shady is big industry in this country, as most of our readers know.

We are here to inform you and end the cycle.

Mesothelioma, which I keep speaking of, is a very rare (though completely avoidable) form of Cancer that develops in the mesothelium, which is the protective lining that covers most of out internal organs, as the result of asbestos exposure. The most common places for this to happen is in the lungs, and it is a cancer that is associated with asbestos exposure in, literally, 90% of all reported cases. For all intents and purposes, one cannot exist without the other. And often times, doctors looks at mesothelioma as the indicator that the patient has been unwillingly exposed to asbestos.

More specifically, this cancer is caused from breathing in the unsafe asbestos fibers that asbestos gives off. This is where the problem arises. There were people in positions of high power who KNEW the risks with asbestos exposure, but hid that information from the general public. MANY well known companies hid their knowledge of the dangers of asbestos use just for the sake of profits. And we are not just talking about people who were exposed long-term to asbestos. No, in some cases, mesothelioma formed in some patients who were only exposed to asbestos for as little as three months. So in essence, anyone who worked around asbestos at any point had the genuine risk of forming cancer relatively easily, and in some form or another, all of us are still exposed to it on any given day. Do you go into a building in a city that is over one hundred years old? Then you are being realistically exposed to asbestos, and no one is telling you.

Well, now, we are.

Cancer in 9/11 survivors can be directly related to asbestos.
Cancer in 9/11 survivors can be directly related to asbestos.

No one was made aware of the problem in America until a great many lower-class factory workers started suddenly dying of this cancer by the dozens, which prompted specialists to look into it, and the horrors of asbestos were slowly recognized. Yet little was done (and is still done) to rectify this.

The GOOD thing is there is enough knowledge now that a great many lawsuits have been happening, with many lawyers using “asbestos exposure” as the predicate for these lawsuits. But again, we are looking at money as being an adequate payout for human lives, and that is half the problem with this world right now. There is no value you can put on a healthy life, and to willingly take that way from someone with no regard is wrong on too many levels to count. Once again, the rich stay rich, and the poor keep dying. And did you know that even washing the clothes of someone who was been exposed to asbestos can put everyone else who uses that machine after them in danger of contracting mesothelioma? That is how serious a problem this is, yet still, not enough of us are talking about it.

It is truly a tragedy that the heroes of this country are only made to suffer more.
It is truly a tragedy that the heroes of this country are only made to suffer more.

From the safety workers who reacted immediately in New York on 9/11, to the thousands of people in New Orleans after Katrina, the risks for mesothelioma only increase in times of disasters, because often old buildings and houses have asbestos in them, and when they destroyed or affected by natural disasters, this causes the asbestos particles to travel through the air, exposing themselves to everyone who is in the surrounding area. Look up stats on post 9/11 workers who have come down with this rare form of cancer, and it will siphon much hope from you. And you add the scientific stats that only 40% of mesothelioma sufferers survive the first year, and you realize, this is bigger than any of us could have ever imagined or feared.

So who do we hold accountable and what do we do now?

Well, the answer to that is not as concrete as you would probably like.

Who we hold accountable comes down to who used it, who covered up that fact willingly, and who got sick as a result of this. The sad reality is, unless a Hollywood superstar gets diagnosed with mesothelioma, the world will not react the way it needs to. But right now, you are taking the essential first step in the process. You are INFORMING yourself, and making yourself aware. That opens the door for you making someone else aware, who can make someone else aware, who can make someone else aware. Remember, knowledge is fire, and the more we spread it, the more we can burn down this establishment built on lies, and rebuild this world the way we want it. Healthy and lie-free.


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