The Demon That Told Carlos Santana To Record Supernatural

The year is 1999, and something surreal (or should I say, Supernatural) is happening in music. Carlos Santana, best known for being one of the superstar artists who played the original Woodstock, has a best selling album called Supernatural topping the charts. Not only is the album topping the charts, but it is getting an insane amount of radio play across all genres of mainstream radio. It is almost a cultural phenomenon. Baby boomers were happy because they suddenly felt like all the kids were “getting” good music, and the kids were happy because there was a style and artist on the album for everyone. But no one stopped and thought: huh, this is strange. An artist who hasn’t had a song played on anything but classic rock radio in the last twenty years, suddenly has a chart topping album, filled with guest stars who were some of the most famous people at the time. How did this happen? Well, I will be honest. It is about as dark and complicated a story as you would hear in any horror movie, and this is real life. I will whet your appetites by telling you right away, the album is named Supernatural for a reason. This is the story of the Carlos Santana Supernatural album, and the demons who may have helped the great guitarist put it all together.

Album cover loaded with supernatural characters

For many years, Carlos Santana has been known as a spiritual sort of rocker, who had ties to the world of mysticism from the very start. First you consider the song is probably most well-known for: Black Magic Woman. Right there, that sets a solid foundation for where we will be going in this article. With albums titles like Shaman and Spirits Dancing in the Flesh, we are clearly dealing with a spiritual man from the get-go. Now there is nothing wrong with being spiritual, but what these guys do isn’t spiritual. It is downright Satanic. That is the point I am trying to make with this piece. While the spirituality surrounding Carlos Santana almost seemed new-age, one thing it clearly wasn’t steeped in was the worship of one God. He may talk about God from time to time, but his spirituality was bigger and broader than that. He hides it behind the guise of good, but you will know better after reading this. A key thing to remember when you read this is, you can’t just open a spiritual door and then shut it at will. It is not that easy. That is just what Carlos Santana tries to do here. He opens the door to let the spirit through, but who’s to stay it did not stay?

Many people also say Santana had a very surreal gift when it came to guitar playing, too. There is a specific sound that Santana has when he plays guitar that makes his music almost instantly recognizable. His notes and solos wail, like the sound of blue whales, or the sound of wailing banshees. I play guitar, it sounds like a guitar (and I am pretty good, mind you). But when Carlos Santana plays guitar, it is almost as if he is a man possessed, and that the guitar itself is a wailing spirit. It may sound ethereal to say that, but keep in mind, he DOES get possessed when he plays. So as much as it may seem silly, it is not something Carlos Santana denies. He very much considers himself a conduit for a larger being that chooses to play through him. Many would say he is just a vessel. He, himself, would admit to this. Let us start our journey on that note.

Nice chain
Nice chain

Now flash back a bit with me, to 1998. Carlos Santana is meditating. There are candles lit around him, and he is in a deeply meditative state. A being he refers to as Metatron comes to him in a very clear vision and says:

We want to hook you back in to the radio air-wave frequency. We want you to reach junior high schools, high schools, and universities. Once you reach them – because we are going to connect you with the best artists of the day – then we want you to present them a new menu. Let them know that they are, themselves, multi-dimensional spirits with enormous possibilities and opportunities. We want you to inform them with a new form of existence that transcends religion, politics, or the modus operandi of education today.

I would love to tell you I made that up. That I just came up with that, but the fact is, it was in a Rolling Stone interview. As a matter of fact. Pretty much any interview or article you read about Santana will have references to Metatron and how the Supernatural album came to be. What I am telling you now is not private news. It is just news most people ignore or glance over. But I’m sorry. I tend to not glance over someone telling me something came to them and told him to win them teens over (and win them away from politics and organized religion). I am sorry, but that is basic Antichrist stuff, right there. Why don’t we take a moment to really talk about the above quote?

First off, he says his “angel” is Metatron. Sure enough, if you look up Metatron, there is a great amount of info about him being an archangel and, potentially, the ruler of the Tree of Life. But if you look deeper into demon possession, you will see in most cases the demon gives off a fake name. A name that will lull the person seeking them into a false sense of safety. It seems as Santana sold his soul in seeking riches, he was also blind to the fact that was being played by them like an instrument in the same way he plays his guitar.

Next up, note who Santana was told to win over? All forms of adolescent. Junior high, high school, and universities. There is no mention whatsoever about any adult demographic. Just the youths. Because the youths are the ones who are still young and pure enough that they can be spiritually open to receive this stuff. Also, and this is essential for you to remember in all this: The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Metatron knew this, and used Santana. I just don’t think Santana could properly grasp the kind of powers and spirits he was interacting with (and being manipulated by).

Carlos Santana

Next up, “We” will connect you with the best artists of the day. Interesting. What we are never really told is how? How were those artists also open to this on their end? How is it that every person he went after was into it? For any other person to try to build an album with that many A-listers, it just would not happen. But Santana pulled it off with ease (and some otherworldly help). They say once Carlos is hooked back into the radio waves with all these stars, it will be his job to present the (young) masses with a “new menu”. A new menu. Menu seems a funny word to use. A menu offers  us up the freedom of selection, of choices.  But this is a menu with few options. A menu that is clearly against the very teachings of Christ and all major religion as we know them.

The next line in the quote is:  We want you to inform them with a new form of existence that transcends religion, politics, or the modus operandi of education today. If you want to truly understand what is going on here, you need that statement to stand out to you. “transcends religion”. Do you even understand how serious the implications of that is? Most don’t, or a much bigger deal would have been made about all these revelations. This is clearly a nod to the New World Order, which many in nefarious positions of power have been trying to put in place for decades.

Perhaps Santana truly believes this Metatron talking to him is an angel bent on freeing the world of conformists into the ways of the free thinking. But shouldn’t the fine print final statement in that message it sent to him while he was meditating informed him that this being was not benign? Here is the thing about allowing ones self to become a conduit to some other form, spiritually. Yes, you can open the door. The fine print lies in the fact that you have NO idea what you are letting through. All I am saying is, not too many people have stories of “angels” coming to them and having the make records aimed at teens. It seems an oddly specific wish with eerily nefarious implications. Like I stated before, very Anitchrist. You may think it was a man knocking on your door, but it may have been a beast you let in. SO now I ask, what if? What if Carlos Santana is a conduit for some other entity, only is unaware just what that being is and just what it is truly capable of?

Let us flash back to 1999 for a moment again.

It all came true. Think about it. Metatron did exactly what it said it would do. It (or they) hooked Carlos Santana into the radio frequency of the world’s youth. In every market that year, he went number one. The album went on to slay (I’m using that word on purpose) at the Grammys that year, and the whole thing cemented Carlos Santana as a superstar again. Hell, many would say even more of a superstar than he was back in his Woodstock days. If you examine the actual album, guest stars, and songs, it becomes quite clear that Santana and Metatron reached their desired goal. Every demographic took to the album. Years later, it is still clear to see how well it all worked. Worked towards what, we don’t quite know yet. It set something into motion. The problem is, we just cannot see what it is quite yet.

Now, an examination of the music and what song was set to hit what demographic seems a good idea. Obviously, the big single from the album that people most remember is Carlos Santana’s jam with Matchbox 20 lead singer Rob Thomas, Smooth. That was the mass consumption jam. The one track that most stations played, and played over and over. That brought in the junior high school and high school crowd with ease. Add a sexy, sweaty music video that that MTV pretty much plays in a loop for one year straight and you have the perfect makings of a spiritual take over of the youth of America that year.

Next up on the album, he had some tracks with Lauryn Hill and Cee-Lo. This would ensure the album reached the urban demographic as well. You cannot corner an entire generation by only targeting one culture and style from that generation. No, it needs to be uniform and done at once, and that is just how it worked with the Supernatural album. All the bases were covered.

To capture the hearts of the college students, Santana collaborated with the Dave Mathews, who was massively popular among college students at the time. So the people who weren’t captivated by demonically inspired music now had an excuse to change that with the inclusion of Dave Mathews on the album. The demon Santana conspired with definitely knew what it was doing, and most of the masses ended up eating out of its hand like sheep. Note, the song with Dave Mathews is the only song the Santana actually collaborated on another artist with. In all the other examples, the artists in question brought almost fully finished songs into the studio for Santana to solo over. So yes, his name is on the album, and he appears on every track. But we all need to ask, is it really a Santana album? No, I would say it is more of a mix tape potentially put together by a rather ambitious demon.

Finally, though it seemed like he was not targeting anyone older than 21, there was a track with Eric Clapton on the Supernatural album. One final attempt at a sort of mass, spiritual takeover of the world through music. I think the scariest part about learning all this is realizing the role we may have inadvertently taken in that take over. There WAS something Supernatural about that album. I hated Matchbox 20, and I f*cking loved the Smooth song. That may seem silly and trite, but when you look at it next to the big picture, is it? Or did the damned thing work, and we just don’t fully understand the implications yet?

Shaman album cover

Reality is, Carlos Santana was opening himself up, spiritually. The problem was, he didn’t know what he was opening himself up to. If a serial murderer came to your door tomorrow, the scariest part is, if they were charming, you would let them in. Let them in and not even aware of the danger they were to you and those around you. I think that is just the case with Carlos Santana, Metatron, and the Supernatural album. He let something in much bigger and more evil than he would dare imagine. And once it was in, all you can really do is feed it. You feed it whatever it asks…


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