9 Reasons Why It’s Now or Never to Prepare

I think we can all agree we live in a world that’s more and more uncertain, right? Politics is getting worse, the debt is getting worse, then you’ve got racial wars, poverty, corruption, desperate people… so where does that leave us, honest, hard-working people?

In short, it leaves is preparing for the worst. Now, I’m not saying the end of the world as we know it will come tomorrow or next month, but I’ve got 9 darn good reasons why you should prep for it.

Here they are…

#1. The world population is increasing by 70 million souls each year.

Too many people raw doggin’ it

Just to be clear, that’s 70 million net, after you subtract the deaths. As I’m writing this, the World Population counter shows there are 40 million more people on July 3rd 2017 than they were on New Year’s on January 1st 2017. These people are most likely from 3rd world countries, who’ve got nothing to eat and will one day flee to the west. How are we going to feed everyone?

Despite the elites brainwashing us that population growth is slowing down, that doesn’t mean anything. The planet is getting more crowded and many of its resources are rapidly depleting. 70 million extra mouths to feed EACH YEAR, of which many live below poverty line is the thing that worries me the most.

That being said, having a food stockpile plus renewable food and water supplies (garden, aquaponics systems, wells, a river on your property, chicken and other backyard animals) is a must for anyone worried about their future.

#2. We’re more divided than ever

I think that’s pretty clear to everyone. I won’t go into details about what that is or what we can do to fix it. Even if we knew exactly what to do, that doesn’t mean everyone will be on board and do it. Instead, why not look at where this is going?

Now I think we’re going to be even more divided in many ways, and let me tell you why…. when you argue with someone, you start disliking that person and they start disliking you. From that point on, you’re more likely to have a second fight. If the fighting continues, it’ll be almost impossible for you and that person to go back to where you were.

Same thing with the state of politics in today’s world. The left and right it’s so divided, it’ll probably take a generation for things to go back to normal, maybe more. Maybe our grandkids will look at things with fresh eyes and do things differently… but until then, we have to stay prepared. And the biggest threat that I see is from people who hate the west and our capitalist way of life.

#3. You made it out alive… so far

Look, there are over 60 different emergencies big and small that can affect us. Many of them such as car crashes, drowning and CO intoxications take their toll every single day. Many of them are likely to happen in our lifetime. Maybe you’ve been close to dying at some point in your life; I know I have.

Living in today’s world is like the Russian roulette: you will get the bullet sooner or later, and as time passes, that moment is getting closer. If you add up the odds of happening of all these emergencies, it’s clear we’re not special snowflakes.

#4. Prepping is a way to fight unemployment

Having a stockpile plus renewable food and water supplies will come extremely handy if you’re laid off. You’ll be a lot more relaxed when you know your basic needs are covered, so you can find another job or, who knows, to go completely off grid.

#5. The law enforcement or ambulance may not arrive on time

Aw wait a sec… you’re not the firemen

I think it’s safe to assume they’ll come up AFTER something bad has happened, right? In many cases, that may be too late. No one can put the missing teeth back into your mouth (not your real ones, that is), no one can reverse that rape and make things exactly the way they were.

After an emergency, things will never be the same, and there’s only one way to tackle them that’s better than calling 911: to prepare in advance so you can avoid them.

#6. You save money

Prepping will teach you how to live frugal, how to find good deals, how to make things yourself and save a lot of money.

#7. You may get sick

This is similar to having a job loss. If you get so sick that you’ll barely be able to get out of bed, you’ll be glad you had a food stockpile. Getting sick or laid off from work are mini-SHTF events that should be taken very seriously.

#8. You’ll find new hobbies

Prepping encompasses a huge number of hobbies: fishing, sewing, hunting, homesteading, raising animals… any of these can be your next hobby or even passion… but you won’t know until you try them!

#9. Think about the kids

If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for your spouse and kids. They deserve to be protected, they deserve a safe future. Anyone should be preparing, regardless of their situation. So why not start now?


Dan F. Sullivan



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